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Face Earrings

Found these lovelies from the etsy shop Iheartmies. Was on the lookout for some statement rose fold earrings that would match my blush glasses.

Boody Underwear

Last year I decided to replace all my bras and undies with natural materials. It was easy enough to find undies, but bras were a challenge. I’m not a fan of the standard unlined, unpadded ones that are so prevalent. Thankfully I stumbled upon Boody which offered an option with removable pads. Was beyond pleased with how soft and comfortable they were too! I got the black and white and the (much too pale) nude color they had.

Was in the need of a bigger size since the girls have grown a bit. So glad to have found Boody expand their color ways so I found a nude that actually matches me! (Well, summer tan me lol.) They have 2 darker colors as well which is an excellent way to be more inclusive

Red-toned Day Shoes (Everlane)


Though there are a multitude of colors available, I only have one other color; white. I bought those when the gloves were first released, then the brick once it was too cold to wear them here in late fall. For some reason, the brick ran narrower than the white, so I had to stretch them a bit. I think these are really versatile, but I especially love how they look with skirts and dresses. A great, comfy alternative to sandals when it’s warmer!


These are the only pair of heels I own and I don’t foresee needing any more. These are really comfy for heels, but the balls of my feet do wind up tired after a long day on hard floors. So not wearable #alldamnday, they are great when I want to dress up a bit and walking isn’t in the equation.


These also ran narrow so a stretching I sure did! The leather is also thinner than other Day iterations and scraped off easily on the left toe the first time I wore them so thumbs down on quality there. Despite the shortcomings, these have the comfort of the glove with the dressiness of the heel. Perfect combo for a long day at work then running around attending to errands afterwards.

Form Sandals (Everlane)


I love how dressy these can make any outfit look. 


Typically match my tops to these in that fail-safe styling trick.


Enjoy the softness of these, they’re not as harsh as white can sometimes be.